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Functional Pilates Full Body Workouts are available for beginners and intermediates.

Exercise in a holistic but fun and interesting way. Live and prerecorded Classes via Zoom.

60-minute class. All classes are recorded – you can exercise at your convenient time.

Why exercising with the ball is better?

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6.30 PM – GMT ( Ireland, UK, Iceland)

7.30 PM – CMT ( most of Europe ex. Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland etc, and some parts of Africa)

1.30 PM – EST ( USA- New York, Boston, Washington DC, Canada – Ottawa )

12.30 PM – CST ( USA – Oklahoma, Heuston, Minneapolis, Central Canada, Mexico City)

11.30 AM – MST ( USA – Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Denver, Canada – Edmonton, Inuvik )

10.30 AM –  PST (USA – Seatle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Canada – Vancouver )


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Your 5 weeks, 5 x 60-minute session online.

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